30T/D semi-continuous sunflower seeds oil refining equipment list

Local No. Equipment name Model Q.T.Y(set) Technical characteristic Single power(KW)
V401 Crude oil tank YYG100 1 Q235, 4mm
V102a,b Oil refining pot LYY220 2 Q235, 5mm 7.5
V403 Soapstock pot LZJ180 1 Q235, 5mm 7.5
V404 Water washing pot LYY220 1 Q235, 5mm 7.5
V405 Oil separator tank FYX1.5 2 Q235, 4mm
V406 Alkali liquid tank JYX2.0 1 Q235, 4mm
V407 Soft water tank SX3.0 1 Q235, 4mm
V408 Soapstock tank ZJX3.0 1 Q235, 4mm
V409 Soft water tank RSG120 1 Q235, 4mm
V410 Phosphoric acid
LGC40 1 φ400*500, SS304
V411 Bleaching earth tank BT80 1 Q235, 4mm
V412 Bleaching earth pot TSG220 1 Q235, 8mm 7.5
V413 Catcher D50 1 φ500*600, Q235, 4mm
V414 Catcher temporary storage D30 1 φ300*500, Q235, 4mm
V415 Roily oil tank YGY100 1 Q235, 4mmφ, 1000*2000
V416 Oil steam separator FLQ80 1 φ800X1000,Q235, 4mm
V417 Strainer cleaning pool XD120 1 φ1200*1600, Q235, δ=4mm
V418a,b Air storage tank 2 φ800, 3.3m3
V419 Continuous Deaerator ZGL100 1 ф1000×2500, Q235, 6mm
V420 Fatty acid catcher BTJ60 1 SS 304, 5mm
V421 Product oil tank YGF100 1 φ1000*2000, with liquid level controller
V423/V424 Steam water separator QFLQ30 2 φ300*400
V425 Fatty acid storage tank SCG80 1 SS304, 5mm
P401 Crude oil pump ISW50-125 1 Q=12.5m3/h H=20M, Temperature: 80℃ 1.5
P402 soapstock pump KCB200 1 Q=10m3/h Temperature: 80℃ 4
P403 soapstock oil pump KCB83.3 1 Q=5m3/h, Temperature: 90℃ 2.2
P404 Degummed oil pump ISW50-125 1 Q=12.5m3/h H=20M, Temperature: 80℃ 1.5
P405 water washing oil pump ISW50-125 1 Q=12.5m3/h, H=20M, Temperature: 80℃ 1.5
P406 Soft water pump ISW25-125 1 flow rate3.2 m3, pumping head20m, medium:热水,temperature:90℃ 0.75
P407 Bleaching oil pump YBLS25-60 1 Q=3m3/h ,H=50M,temperature150℃,含白土5% 2.2
P408 Deaerator extractor HP1.1-2,2-30 1 flow rate2m3/h, pumping head30m,temperature150℃,DN32/DN20 1.1
P409 Deodorization oil extract pump HPG4-2,2-60 1 flow rate2m3/h, pumping head60m,temperature300℃,DN40/DN32 4
P410 Fatty acid circulate pump HP2.2-2,5-35 1 flow rate3m3/h, pumping head45m,temperature150℃,DN40/DN32 2.2
P411 product oil pump TPW40-160 1 flow rate6.3m3/h, pumping head32m 2.2
P412 Soda supply pump ISW25-125 1 flow rate3.2 m3, pumping head20m,medium:热水,temperature:90℃ 0.75
P413 Air compressor V-1.5/8 1 1.5M³/MIN/0.7MPa 11
F401a, b vibrate filter NYB20 2 filter area:20m2, stainless steel screen
F402a, b bag-type filter DL-0.25 2 filter area:0.25m2,5μm
F403a, b Insurance filter DL-0.5 2 filter area:0.25m2,5μm
Waste bleaching earth hopper 500 2 field fabrication, 3mm
D401 Electric hoist DH0.5/12 1 Hoisting: 0.25T, lifting height:4m 1.1
E401 Oil-oil heat exchanger BLS1.0-15-1.2/~700-14 1 heat exchange area:15m2,SS304,3mm
E402 Conduction oil heat exchanger BLS1.0-15-0.6/~700-14 1 heat exchange area:15m2,SS304,3mm
E403 Deodorization oil condenser BLS1.0-10-0.6/~700-14 1 heat exchange area:10m2,SS304,3mm
E404 heat exchanger BLS1.0-10-0.6/~700-14 1 heat exchange area:10m2,SS304,3mm
E405 fatty acid condenser BR20-5 1 heat exchange area:5m2,304
T401 Deodorization tower TSX160*3 1 SS 304, 8mm
P001 vacuum pump condense pump ISW100-160 1 flow rate100m3/h,pumping head32m 15
P402 Cooling water pump ISW150-160 1 flow rate150m3/h,pumping head20m 18.5
P003 Cooling water pump ISW100-160 1 flow rate100m3/h,pumping head32m 15
G401 Steam distribution cylinder FQG273 1 Q235,8mm,pressure vessel
G402 Steam distribution cylinder FQG273 1 Q235,8mm,pressure vessel
G403 water distributor SF273 1 Q235,8mm
G404 Three levels steam injection pump 3P20(10+40)/6 1 residual voltage: 20mmHg
G405 Four level steam injection pump 4P1.5(8+32)/6 1 residual voltage: 1.5mmHg
Conduction oil boiler ZRL40-MH 1 400,000 kcal
T401 Sewage enhanced cooling tower GBNL3-150 1 150m3 5.5
T402 Cooling tower GBNL3-100 1 100m3 4
V426 Fatty acid storage tank outside ZFCG200 1 Φ2000, temperature120℃, normal pressure, heating coil
P114 Fatty acid pump outside KCB200 1 Q=10m3/h, medium: fatty acid temperature:60℃, stainless steel pump head 2.2
Expansion joint 1 DN350PN1.0, SS304
Thermal insulation material 1
Installation materials
Installation and commissioning fee
Switching and control 1 set

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