Palm Oil Clarification Station

Palm Oil Clarification Station Equipments

Clarification station can extract crude palm oil from sludge. The obtained crude palm oil purity can reach up 90%. The extraction oil contains 45%-55% moisture, sludge and other impurities.
Purification: crude palm oil purification can improve oil purity and remove impurity successfully.
Drying: Continuous Vacuum drier pumps water from crude palm oil. Palm oil moisture can reduces to as low as 0.1%.

Continuous clarification tank clear lake containing oil enters into the oil tank, pump into centrifuge separation. The separated palm oil enters into circulating tank, and circulating pump sends it into oil clarification tank.

The separated waste oil enters into slag pit discharge, and the upper oil is recovered into circulation oil tank.

The equipment list of clarification station:

1.1st Stage Precleaner c/w Pump
2.Vertical Continuous Setting Tank
3.Pure Oil Tank
4.Pure Oil Pump
5.Vacuum Oil Dryer c/w Float Tank and Pump
6.Sludge Oil Tank
7.2nd Stage Precleaner c/w Pump
8.SS.Decanter Feed Tank
9.Separator Feed Tank
10.Decanter Hot Water Tank
11.3PH Decanter
12.3PH Decanter Platform
13.Decanter Reject Screw Conveyor
14.Decanter Reject Screw Conveyor
15.Light Phase Tank
16.Light Phase Pump
17.Sludge Settings&Reclaimed Oil Tank
18.oil collect tank
19.S.S Skimmer
20.Reclaimed Oil Pump
21.Hot Well Tank
22.Hot Well Pump
23.Sludge Pit Pump
24.Sludge Dispatch Pump
25.Clarification Station Platform Around Tanks
26.OIL Centrifugal
27.Sludge Separator

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