Decolorizing Section of Palm Oil Refining

palm oil refining Decolorizing-Section

Palm Oil Refining Decolorizing Section Process Introduction:

Decolorizing section is a major part of palm oil mill process. Decolorizing section is mainly used to remove oil pigment, residual soap particles and metal ions. Under negative pressure, the mechanical mixing method combined with steam mixing will improve the decolorizing effect.

The degumming oil firstly enters into the heater to be heated to the appropriate temperature of 110 degrees Celsius, and then goes to the blenching earth mixing tank. The blenching earth is delivered from the low blenching box to the temporary tank by wind. The blenching earth is added by automatic metering and is interlockly with the oil.

The oil mixed with the blenching earth overflows into the continuous decolorizer, which is stirred by non-powered steam. The decolorized oil enters into the two alternate leaf filters to be filtered. Then the filtered oil enters the decolorized oil storage tank through the security filter.

The decolorized oil storage tank is designed as the vacuum tank with the nozzle inside, so as to prevent the decolorized oil contacting with air and influencing its peroxide value and color reversion.

Decolorizing Equipment List:
1.Decolorized oil pump
2.Leaf filter
3.Electric hoist
4.Bag filter
5.Bag filter
6.Dirty oil tank
7.High position Clay storage tank
8.Clay feeder
9.Pulse dust collectors
10.Pressure centrifugal fan
11.Bleaching earth dosing device
12.Clay mixing tank
13.Decolorizing tower
14.Mesh Washing pool
15.Oil-gas separator
16.Steam separator
17.Steam distributor

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