Palm Kernel Recovery Station

Palm Kernel Recovery Station Machines

Palm kernel recovery station assures high efficiency recovery process of palm kernel after palm oil pressing processing line. It prepares for further step palm kernel oil pressing process after splitter and crushing.

Depericarper (splitter). Palm kernel separates from fibers through floating dry processing during crude palm oil processing machine. Fibers and other light stuff are blown appearance.

Crushing. The crusher breaks palm kernel to separate kernel and shell. The hydrocyclone separates palm kernel from shell particles by using of their proportion.

The equipment list of palm kernel recovery station:

1.Cake Breaker Conveyor c/w Maintenance Platform&Supports
2.Nut Polishing Drum
3.Depericarper Column c/w Supports
4.Fibre Ducting’s&Air Ducting
5.Fibre Cyclone
6.Fibre Fan
7.Fibre Cyclone Airlock
8.Fibre Cyclone Structure&Platform
9.Nut Auger conveyor
10.Destoner Column c/w Fan,Ducting and Airlock
11.Nut Grading Drum
12.Nut Hopper c/w structure
13.Nut Vibrating Feeder
14.Super Craker(Ripple Mill)
15.Steel Support,Maintained Platform
16.Cracked Mixture Conveyor
17.Cracked Mixture Elevator
18.Winnowing System No.1&2Cyclone&Ducting
19.Winnowing Fan No.1&2
20.Winnowing Airlock
21.Hydrocyclone c/w Dripping Drum&Platform(2 stage)
22.Hydrocyclone Pump
23.Hydrocyclone Feeder Conveyor
24.Wet Kerenel Conveyor No.1
25.Wet Kerenel Conveyor No.2
26.Wet Kerenel Elevator
27.Wet Shell Conveyor
28.Wet Shell Transport System consisting of Cyclone Airlock Fan and support
29.Wet Kernel Distributing Conveyor
30.Sheel Silo
31.Kernel Silo Fan&Heater
32.Dry Kernerl Conveyor
33.Dry Kernerl Transport System consisting of Cyclone,Ducting’s,Airlock,Fan and support
34.Bulk Kernel Silo
35.Kernel Recovery Platform

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