300-500 kg/hr laundry soap production line specifications and quotation

No. Name Model Qty
1 Ingredients Mixture Tank Put essence, pigment in the liquid soap. Heating and mixing.
Size: 1.8 m3, φ1200X1500;
Feature: with pipe liner, heating and mixing;
Power: 4 kW/set.
2 Three-roll Grinding MillThree-Roller Mill Three-Roll Grinding Mill is used to grind, press the material to increase its density and quality.
1. Roll diameter: Φ250
2. Roll length: 580mm
3. Motor power: 7.5kw
4. Roll speed ratio: 1:3:9
5. Dimension: 1500x1200x1000mm
6. Weight: 2400kg
3 Vacuum PlodderSingle-Screw Double-Layer Double-Layer Single-Screw Vacuum Plodder is used to grind, refine and press the material to change the molecule space and make it into bar.
1. capacity: 300-500 kg/hr
2. Screw Dia: 200 mm
3. Speed: top 15; bottom:8-16
4. Power: top: 5.5kW; bottom: 7.5kW
5. Dimension: 4200x1200x2200
6. Weight: 5500kg
4 Cutting MachineCutting Machine This cutting machine is used to cut soap into bars and blocks. At the same time, the logo or pattern are stamped on the soaps. It runs by the moving of soap bar from the vacuum plodder.
1. Capacity: According to the speed of vacuum plodder.
2. Soap size(L,W,H): (3-40)x(1-10)x(1-3.5)cm
ConveyorsConveyors Appearance is good and operation is stable, non-noise and anti-dust. Famous decelerator is used.
Power: 1.1-1.5kw/pcs
Vacuum pump For vacuum plodder.
Power: 2.35 kW.

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