What’s the operation of palm oil processing clarification station?

1. After removing the fiber and oil residue by Screening filter, palm crude oil flow into passivating oil tank.

2. The passivating oil tank will be inlet indirect steam and directly steam, after passivation treatment palm oil and water mixture will be pumped to High level tank by Chemical centrifugal pump, then flow into Clarifying tank stably.

3. There is steam pipe coil in clarifying tank, which can make water oil dilution ratio stable, and separate water from mixture. And there is oil and sewage outlet, in case the oil flowing will be short circuit, keep oil temperature around 100℃. After remove sludge by filter, the water will return palm oil clarification tank to keep the water and oil ratio. The waste water be discharged by another drain-pipe, which with special structure.

4. Clarified oil flow into storage oil tank from discharge hole of clarification tank, after Disc-type separator remove moisture in the oil, then though Plate heat exchanger heating to 105℃, remove residual moisture out from oil by Vacuum drier.

5. Vacuum degree of vacuum drying is achieved by Vacuum pump. The power of vacuum pump is 5.5kw, adiabatic pressure is 23mmHg, the maximum capacity of exhaust is 120m3/h.

6. The oil have been dried pumped to pure oil tank  by Shielding pumps .

7. When the oil temperature in pure oil tank is about 50℃, oil will be pumped to produced oil tank by gear oil pump.

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