The main flow chart of corn oil processing making machines

The main flow chart of corn oil processing making machines:

1: pretreatment
Pump the estimated crude oil into the tank and stir it uniformly. Then we take the sample to check the acid value

2: neutralization
We should put the estimated lye into the crude oil while we must stir it quickly.The time for putting the lye is 5-10Minutes, we keep on stirring it for 30minutes after thelye is in the crude oil.

3: static settlement

4: washing
fter the static settlement. We let the soap leavings go from the tank bottom . then we adjust
the oil tempreture to 70-75°C.In ordr to remove the residual lye and soap. The hot water is 10-15% of the oil.

5: drying
We must dry the oil because it has 0.5% more or less water in the oil.

6: fliter
We filter the oil after the tempreture is lower 70°C by Dewatering and cooling
Main parts: de-mixed, degumming , dehydration, deacidification, decolorization, dewaxing, deodorization and crystallization.

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