Technical indexes of 20 T/D soybean flakes extraction production line

1. Raw material indicators

Moisture :≤12%
Impurity :≤0.05%
The oil content :16~22%
Degree of powder :≤2%

2. The main consumption

Power consumption:  ≤25KWH/t (soybean flakes)
Steam consumption: ≤ 380kg/t (environment temperature: 20℃, 1MPa saturated steam)
Solvent consumption: ≤5KG/t {vegetable oil extraction solvent (GB 16629-2008)}
Circulating water: ≤220 Kg/t (soybean flakes)

3. Product quality indicators

meal :
Residual oil :       ≤1.0%
moisture:       12-13%(adjustable)
The residual solvent :       ≤500PPM
Leaching hair oil :
Total volatile matter:   ≤0.2%
The residual solvent:       ≤100PPM

4. Extraction process workshop

Extraction process diagram:
Soybean flakes → oil extraction → miscella processing → crude extracted oil

solvent recovery← wet meal → desolventizing-toasting → finished meal

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