Some Standard Data And Quality Index About Crude Palm Oil

Palm oil processing machine line includes sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, clarification, purification and drying. Then you can get crude palm oil.

Crude palm oil standard:

FFA less than 5%
Moisture less than 0.1%
Dirt less than 0.02%

Kernel standard:

Broken kernel less than 15%
Moisture less than 7%
Dirt less than 6%

Production quality index:

1. transparency : clear and transparent.
2. smell and taste: no strange smell;
3. color (lovibond colorimeter 133.4 slots) ≤ R1Y10;
4. moisture and volatile matter: ≤ 0.10%;
5. impurities content : ≤ 0.10%;
6. acid value (mgKOH/g) : ≤ 0.12;
7. peroxide value (mmol/kg): ≤ 3.

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