Introduction of the automatic oil press machinery

Our automatic oil press machine is appropriate for many oil bearing materials, such as: peanut, soybean, sunflower, rape seed, corn, coconut, olive, etc. All kinds of oil bearing materials in plant.
Furthermore, our Oil Press can be used for both cold pressing and hot pressing.
Capacity ranges from 1t/d to 10t/d.
Also our automatic Oil Press machine is suitable both for family use and large plant.

1.Equipped with automatic temperature rising and oil-cleaning system.
2.Both cold press and hot press.
3.The design of the expeller press is novel and performance is perfect.
4.It requires low investment and generates high profit, machine covers small space, performing perfectly, and its easy-to-operate.
5.Suitable for those who do business in the country market or who run a small- scale oil mill.

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