Introduction of sunflower oil press refining section

By using a cold oil press machine, the natural structure of the oil is maintained along with all its natural characteristics, we manufacture various capacity cold press machines having different designs and unique characteristics.

Main features:
(1). It is a compact machine with reduction gear box;
(2). Pestle and mortar are so robust that there is practically zero-maintenance;
(3). Low temperature pressing technology;
(4). Oil pressing through this cold press machine has high nutritional value and therapeutic value;
(5). Best use of simple and natural technology, saving the refining costs;

Process description:
Input oil→Heating→acid refining→alkali refining→washing 2-3times→Drying dehydration


After releasing the nigre, grease heated up to boom 90°C, then add in the hot water for washing, stirring. Water temperature should be about 5 ~ 10 °C higher than the oil temperature, for low water temperature tends to emulsification. After adding the water, continue to stir for 5 minutes, then rest 4 hours for precipitation, and release the soap water, wash 2 ~ 3 times depending on the oil quality and decide. Washed oil slowly heated up to 105°C, stirred dehydration for 1 hour, washed oil can also direct inhaled decoloring pot and vacuum drying 30 minutes.

Method of operate for decoloring:
1 start the vacuum pump,vacuum degree ≥700mmHg
First ,after washing of alkali refining inhaled decoloring pot, stirring, at the same time warming up to 90 °C, and stir another 30 minutes, decrease moisture below 0.1%, then inhale a few decoloring agents “white earth, activated carbon >, the quantity depends on the oil color, generally, oil amount 2 ~ 4%, stirring 30 minutes, cooled to 70 °C, use compressed air pressure to filter oil machines to  separate the white earth and oil, then get decoloring oil.

Method of operate for deodorizating:
1 By vacuum pump oil bleaching inhaled deodorization pot, up to 755 mmHg in vacuum degree , begin distillation and deodorization timing;
2 Deodorizating time :
3 Deodorization temperature: 240°C/755mmHg~260°C/759mmHg;
4 Deodorization vacuum degree: above 755mmHg
5 There is steam distillation during the whole timing process..
6 After deodorization, shut off the direct steam in vacuum condition , close conduction oil,open the valve for cooling water.,until the oil temperature nearly 40~80 °C,shut off the vacuum pump valve,make test of the oil sample,if it is passed inspection,packing and finish all the manufacturing of edible oil.

Both short mixed and long mixed process are adapted in washing sector, which ensures washing effectiveness;
Equipped with vertical leaf filter to remove used bentonite from the oil,  operating conveniently and continuously, low laboring tense, keeps environment well, keeps oil residence in deposable bleaching earth in low level
Due to accurate stirring method, decreased the maximum distance between the oil of cooling facet so as to ensure the same temperature of crystal with same quality. Better guaranteed that in the process of crystallization, crystal will not cluster in a intense area.
Flexible system, cooling curve can be easily altered by changing water temperature, thus the kinds of products can be changed easily.
Stabilization of product quality

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