Cold-Pressed Edible Oil Extraction Solutions

Our cold press oil expeller is a new generation of low-temperature screw oil expeller for the oil milling plant, and is especially well suited for mechanically processing common plants and oil crops with high added value characterized by low oil temperatures, high oil-out ratios and low dreg cake oil contents. Oil processed with this expeller is light in color, of the highest quality, rich in nutrients and conforms to standard of the international market. It is also the primary machinery for making protein powder out of peanuts, soybeans, and sunflower kernels.

Cold-pressed oil extraction is the most traditional and natural method to produce fruit oil and seed oil, avoiding preheating and the consequent loss of most of their properties as it occurs in industrial oils.

Oilseed extraction is still performed manually nowadays by those who wish to preserve all the nutrients and beneficial effects from a large amount of seeds and fruits.

Choose the best ecological seeds – sesame, soybean, sunflower, etc. – or fruits such as walnut or hazelnut and you will be able to produce natural, high quality oil that will preserve all the nutritional and healing properties of every single seed.

Cold Press Expeller Features

Low-temperature pressing technology. The oil processed with this expeller is light in color and rich in nutrients, producing purely natural oil after settling and filtering. This technology can save on refining costs and lower the loss rate during refining.
Little damage done to protein in the dreg cakes during low-temperature pressing, thereby minimizing the loss of protein in the oilseeds.
A low temperature of operation (10-50 degrees) decreases the consumption of steam.
During processing oilseeds do not come in contact with any solvent, acid, alkali or chemical additive. Therefore little loss of nutrients and microelements takes place in the finished oil and dreg cakes; the protein content of the dreg cakes is high.

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