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Big cold oil press machine technical parameters

Model Capacity 24h Oil in cake power dimensions weight LYZX18 6~12T 4~8% 22+4+3KW 3176×1850×2600mm 3500kg LYZX24 20-25T 10-19% 30+5.5(4)+3KW 3180×1850×3980mm 6300kg LYZX28 50-60T 15-19% 45+11KW 3783×3038×3050MM 9600kg LYZX32 80-100T 15-19% 90+7.5KW 4832×2917×3236MM 12650kg SYZX12 4-6T/D 4-6.5% 18.5+5.5Kw+80w 3580×1000×2380mm 4300kg SYZX24 40-50T/D 5-7% 55+7.5KW+80×2W 4535×2560×3055mm 10500kg

Introduction of sunflower oil press refining section

By using a cold oil press machine, the natural structure of the oil is maintained along with all its natural characteristics, we manufacture various capacity cold press machines having different designs and unique characteristics. Main features: (1). It is a compact machine with reduction gear box; (2). Pestle and mortar are so robust that there

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