Why Crude Oil Need The Oil Refining Equipment To Further Refine?

Why crude oil need the oil refining equipment to further refine it? Now let’s talk about why you want to refine? What is the purpose of refining?

Cooking oil not only provides nutrients for the human body,maintaining human health,but also an indispensable part of the delicious dining. However, the factors affecting the quality of cooking oil, mainly impurities in the oil, free fatty acids, peroxides, and trace metal ions and other substances.

Edible oil refining process is mainly for degumming, deacidification, bleaching, deodorization.After degumming, after deacidification process, but also through clay decolorization and deodorization temperature.In the deodorized oil is heated to above link 230 ℃,reduce oil peroxide value so that the quality of oil is guaranteed;while in the deodorization process, small amounts of pigment and free fatty acids are removed out,after a deodorization process, oil is substantially complete its refining process.

If you want to build palm oil mill and edible oil refining projects, you had better to choose a good fit for refining equipment for the production of edible oil processing.

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