What’s The Operation Of Small Scale Oil Refining Unit Decolorization And Deodorization?

Turn on the vacuum pump, the vacuum degree> 700mmHg. Alkali refining water washing after the first suction pot decolorization, stirring, temperature reached 90 ℃, stirring for 30 minutes, to a moisture to 0.1% or less, and then a small amount of decolorizing agent inhaler (clay, activated carbon), depending on the amount of oil to add color, generally accounting for 2-5% heavy oil, stirred for 30 minutes, cooled to 70 ℃, the use of compressed air pressure to the oil filter and oil separation were clay, get decolorization oil.

Cooking oil small scale oil refining plant deodorization operation of law
Decolorizing the oil sucked by the vacuum pump sweetening the pot, when the degree of vacuum reached 755mmHg or more, and distillation begun simultaneously deodorized Timing:
1.deodorizing time: 4 hours
2.deodorization temperature: 240 ℃ / 755mmHg 260 ℃ / 759mmHg
3.deodorization vacuum degree: 755mmHg or more
4.When the entire counting process, you must steam distillation 5. After the deodorization is completed, continue to close in a vacuum direct steam, closed thermal oil, cooling water valve open until the oil temperature dropped to about 40-80 ℃, turn off the vacuum pump valve, sampling after passing inspection, tank barrel, complete cooking oil production process.

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