The process of waste oil to biodiesel

In today’s growing oil tension, biodiesel can be used as the alternative for fossil fuels, with broad prospect. The raw materials for manufacturing biodiesel- vegetable oil can be recycled on the one hand, and the use of biodiesel is more environmental- friendly. on the other hand, our company can undertake 5-2000TPD biodiesel machine project, including engineering design, equipment manufacturing technical services, product research and development etc.

Biodiesel is produced by raw materials of refining vegetable oil or acid oil transformed from refined offcuts of oil plant(soap stock, oil foot, deodorized extract, waste bleaching clay etc.) the price of acid oil is about 1/3 of vegetable oil, so the production of biodiesel with acid oil or fatty acids as raw materials has more advantages than the use of vegetable oil. it not only has the price advantage, but also eliminates the problem os environmental pollution of refinery, thereby achieving double benefits.

The processing flow chart

Raw material (Used cooking oi/swill oil/animal oil etc)→Pretreatment process→Continuous dehydration process→Esterification process(Ester exchange)→Desolventizing→Washed quenched→Filter process→Gassing dehydration→Distillation process→Cooling process→Secondary filter→Biodiesel product

Biodiesel oil parameter of the waste oil to biodiesel

NO. Item Unit Parameter
1 density (20°C) (kg/square meter) 0.82-0.9
2 KineSulfur acidmatic viscosity(40°C) (m/square meter) 1.9-6.0
3 Closed flash point °C ≥130
4 Freezing point °C ≥0
5 Sulfur content(The mass fraction) m/m% 0.02
6 SteamCetane numbered tailings carbon residue(The mass fraction)  % ≤0.3
7 Sulfur acid ash(The mass fraction) % ≤0.020
8 Water content(The mass fraction) % ≤0.05
9 Mechanical impurities none
10 Copper corrosion(50°C,3h)  grade ≤1
11 Cetane number ≥49
12 Oxygen stability(110°C) hour ≥6.0
13 Acid value/(mgkoH/g) ≤0.80
14 Free glycerol contents(The mass fraction) % ≤0.020
15 Total glycerin content(The mass fraction) %  ≤0.240
16 Recovery temperature °C  ≤360


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