Some Tips About Crude Palm Oil Refining

Crude palm oil refining should pay attention to a value which is called DOBI, DOBI value as a quality parameter to evaluate the capacity of palm oil refining .If DOBI > 3, refining capacity is excellent; , and the capacity is medium when DOBI 2.4 ~ 2.4 ; When DOBI < 2.3, refining capacity is poor. DOBI value refers to the 446 nm to 269 nm absorption peak ratio. If the DOBI < 2, you need to consume more than 2.5% of the clay.

Crude palm oil degumming
Crude palm oil is generally not degumming processing alone, although phosphorus is low (usually less than 20 parts per million (PPM), but it’s better to add 0.05% phosphoric acid before decolorizing, which helps to improve the stability of the refined oil and Fried resistance.
Specifically, add a mixer before oil into bleaching tower, then mixed with certain proportion of phosphoric acid or citric acid according to the feeding flow, fully mixing into bleaching tower ,and it’s not enough if we only use clay to do the degumming.

Palm oil has the following features:
1. Contain more unsaturated fatty acid, good stability, not easy to occur the oxidation.
2. The palm oil contains rich vitamin A in the original (500-700 parts per million (PPM) and vitamin E (500-800 parts per million (PPM).
3. To determine the existence of palm oil can’t use color reaction. It is difficult to use simple method to measure out the palm oil which mixed with Hydrogenated oil .

Palm oil or hydrogenated palm oil.
It will have a light smell which similar with violets after oxidize moderately.And it can be said qualitatively that palm oil exists if we can smell the semll during the test of stability or ?accelerated oxidation test.
According to the actual production experience, crude palm oil deodorization temperature is generally between 256-265 degrees, if too low,it will do bad to the FFA extraction and decompose the colour and lustre; and it will increase the cost and trans fatty acids if the temperature is too high..

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