Palm Fruit Oil Production Process Is Relatively Different From Other Oilseeds Process

Due to the special nature of oil palm fruit structure, so its oil process technology and palm oil processing equipment is different with other oilseed production equipment.


Palm fruit oil process:
1.sterilization. Destruction of pulp lipase avoid oil free fatty acid content increased. High temperatures can kill the yeast soft fruit.
2.threshing oil palm fruit accounts for about 60% of the fruit bunches, the threshing purpose is to separate the fruit from the oil palm fruit bunches. If mechanical removal is often used drum thresher.
3.mashed and cooked
4.oil extraction.oil extraction generally use a continuous screw press.
5.crude oil purifier
6.palm oil storage,generally between 32 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ storage or transport, to prevent overheating situation. Palm oil handling temperature should be controlled at 50 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, the heating process palm oil should be controlled heating rate, up to 5 ℃ / 24h
7.Kernel and fiber material separation
9.Kernel processing and nucleolar

Palm kernel oil extraction process:
Palm kernel oil extraction process includes crushing, rolling embryo, steaming and roasting, crushing. Its production technology and equipment similar to the general oilseed process. Palm kernel oil contains large amounts of lower fatty acids, and palm oil different, but with coconut oil is very similar in all respects.

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