Brief Introduction of the Solvent extraction

Main process of solvent extraction:

Material embryos→Extraction→Wet meal→Evaporation→Cooling→Product meal packing


                                  Mixed oil→Filter→Evaporation → Crude oil


                                                                 Solvent recovery

Brief Introduction of the extraction:

1. Function: the extracting system is a way to get oil from the oil seed material through using a
certain organic solvent. The principle is use the different solubility of the solvent.
2. Use range: the extracting system is applied to pre-press extraction of high-oil-content oilseed and direct extraction of low-oil-content oil seed materials.
3. Main parts: the extraction system include plant oil extractor, steamer, 1st evaporator, 2nd evaporator,
stripping tower, condenser, water distributor, etc.

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