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Oil Dewaxing Section of the Edible Oil Refining Plant

Oils like sunflower oil or maize germ oil (corn oil) have waxes present in them. At low temperatures these waxes give a hazy appearance to the oil. It is therefore essential to remove these waxes prior to bottling and marketing of the oil.

Oil Neutralization Section of the Oil Refining Plant

The pretreated oil is subjected to alkali refining. The caustic soda reacts with free fatty acids (FFA) present in the oil and forms soap stock. The soap stock is then removed by a centrifugal separator and oil is washed with water for the complete removal of soap stock. The wash water is separated out by

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Features of edible oil physical and chemical refining

Features of Physical Refining High refinement rate; less oil loss No waste water discharged More FFA distilled Especially suited for highly acidic oils, and those of low gum content Features of Chemical Refining Excellent adaptability and fewer requirements for high oil quality The finished oil is consistent and stable Less bleaching earth necessary compared with

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Cold-Pressed Edible Oil Extraction Solutions

Our cold press oil expeller is a new generation of low-temperature screw oil expeller for the oil milling plant, and is especially well suited for mechanically processing common plants and oil crops with high added value characterized by low oil temperatures, high oil-out ratios and low dreg cake oil contents. Oil processed with this expeller

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