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The introduction of oil seeds roaster machine

Specifications: 1.Can roast sunflower seeds, peanut, etc. 2.Used in oil seeds pretreatment line. 3.CE,ISO The Usage: Suitable for roasting/drying different oil-materials, such as rapeseeds, peanut, soybean, sesameseeds, cottonseed, coconut, palm, olive, etc Technical Parameters: Model Capacity Power  Weight (with electrical achine)  Dimension 6GT-400 30-60t/d 4/0.55kw 140kg 1100x560x1100 6GT-500 80-150t/d 4/0.75kw 156kg 710x1270x1190 6GT-600 150-250t/d 4/1.1kw

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Introduction of our oil seeds pretreatment processing

1.We supply different pretreatment methods for oil mill plants with different oil content. Generally, for high oil plants such as rapeseed, cottonseed and peanut, first prepress to the reasonable level and then extract. 2.At present, screw oil press is used for prepressing, and it includes single screw and double screw oil expeller. 3. Single screw

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