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The process of biodiesel production machine

Raw material (Used cooking oi/swill oil/animal oil etc)→Pretreatment process→Continuous dehydration process→Esterification process(Ester exchange)→Desolventizing→Washed quenched→Filter process→Gassing dehydration→Distillation process→Cooling process→Secondary filter→Biodiesel product Biodiesel oil parameter of the biodiesel production process machine NO. Item Unit Parameter 1 density (20°C) (kg/square meter) 0.82-0.9 2 KineSulfur acidmatic viscosity(40°C) (m/square meter) 1.9-6.0 3 Closed flash point °C ≥130 4 Freezing point °C ≥0 5 Sulfur content(The mass fraction) m/m% 0.02 6 SteamCetane numbered tailings carbon residue(The mass fraction)

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Brief introduction of our waste cooked oil biodiesel production machine

The biodiesel technics we adopt at present is Glycerol Esterification. This set of treatment process is a new technology as well as the latest development of our company. This process could meet the high quality standards of biodiesel with advantages such as: quick reaction, high conversion rate, get rid of the  sulfuric acid as catalyst

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