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6T/D semi-continuous rice bran oil refining equipment list

No. Equipment name Model Q.T.Y(set) Power (kw) Remarks 1 Gear oil pump KCB83.3 2 0.75 2 Dephosphorization and deacidification pot LYY150 2 0.75/1.5 3 Hot and alkali water tank SX1.0 1 4 Vacuum catcher FY1 2 5 Water vapor pump in series ZSP230 1 6 Water pump ISW100-160A 1 7.5 7 Circulating water pool 150*100

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Rice bran oil processing plant — refining introduction

Main Processes Introduction a.Hydration Degumming & Alkali Refining Deacidification Process b.Continuous Refining Decoloring Process 1. The oil fully contacting with the decolorant can improve the decolorization efficiency and reduce the usage of decolorant; 2. The continuous and uniform material flows will balance the decoloring time and avoid the recovery of grease oxidation and acid value.

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