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30T/D rice bran pretreament plant equipment list and quotation

No. Equipment name Model Q.T.Y (set) Power(KW) Remarks 1 Feeding pot WLG150 1 3 2 Hoister TSJ180*125 4 1.5 Straight section: 1) L=5200, 2) L=4200, 3) L=4000, 4) L=5500 3 Rice bran and fine broken rice separation sieve KXFS83 1 1.5 4 Magnetic separator CXQ25 1 5 Wet type rice bran extrusion machine PHJ180 1

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Rice bran oil solvent extracter characteristics and quality index

Process characteristics of rice bran oil solvent extracter 1, provide the appropriate production environment; 2,try our best to minimize grease total losses, improve the oil yield , increase production and improve the quality of oil and cake meal; 3, increase s comprehensive utilization for the impurities and residues; 4,pretectly match oil extraction production line, design

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Production process of making rice bran oil

1.Pretreatment A. The pretreatment refers to the process from oil seed with all kinds of impurities to oil extraction, it includes cleaning,shelling,cracking,conditioning,flaking and cooking. B. the pretreatment is a very important section,it will directly affect the oil making effect. 2.Leaching The leaching process refers to use a kind of solvent that can dissolve the oil

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