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Features of edible oil physical and chemical refining

Features of Physical Refining High refinement rate; less oil loss No waste water discharged More FFA distilled Especially suited for highly acidic oils, and those of low gum content Features of Chemical Refining Excellent adaptability and fewer requirements for high oil quality The finished oil is consistent and stable Less bleaching earth necessary compared with

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FFA stripping and fatty-acid recovery of vegetable oil refining

FFA Stripping As mentioned previously, the Deodorizing equipment can be modified to achieve Physical Refining. Since the conditions for deodorization and physical refining are almost identical, the modified equipment can be employed to achieve deodorization as well as physical refining. Fatty-Acid Recovery Fatty-Acids are evaporated (distilled) in FFA Stripping. The Fatty-Acid vapors are condensed by

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