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20TPD semi-continuous palm oil refining equipment

20TPD Semi-continuous Palm Oil Refining Equipment No. Equipment name Model Q.T.Y(set) Power(KW) Remark 1 Soap stock pot LZJ180 1 5.5 2 Oil refining pot LYY220 1 7.5 5.5/7.5dualspeed motor 3 Washing pot LYY220 1 7.5 5.5/7.5dualspeed motor 4 Decoloring pot TSG220 1 7.5 5 Crude oil tank MYX60 1 0 6 Alkali liquid tank JYX2.0 1 0 7 Alkali deployment tank SX3.0 1 0 8 Oil separation tank FYX2.0 1 0 9 Soapstock tank ZJX3.0 1

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General Introduction Of Palm Oil Refining Processing Line

Palm oil refining technology refers to conversion of crude palm oil to refined oil involves removal of products of hydrolysis and oxidation, color and flavor. General introduction of palm oil refining processing line: 1. Physical deacidification assures low consumption. Palm oil refinery adopts physical deacidificaiton process with high vacuum processing of fatty acids. It enables

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