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The process of biodiesel production machine

Raw material (Used cooking oi/swill oil/animal oil etc)→Pretreatment process→Continuous dehydration process→Esterification process(Ester exchange)→Desolventizing→Washed quenched→Filter process→Gassing dehydration→Distillation process→Cooling process→Secondary filter→Biodiesel product Biodiesel oil parameter of the biodiesel production process machine NO. Item Unit Parameter 1 density (20°C) (kg/square meter) 0.82-0.9 2 KineSulfur acidmatic viscosity(40°C) (m/square meter) 1.9-6.0 3 Closed flash point °C ≥130 4 Freezing point °C ≥0 5 Sulfur content(The mass fraction) m/m% 0.02 6 SteamCetane numbered tailings carbon residue(The mass fraction)

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The process of waste oil to biodiesel

In today’s growing oil tension, biodiesel can be used as the alternative for fossil fuels, with broad prospect. The raw materials for manufacturing biodiesel- vegetable oil can be recycled on the one hand, and the use of biodiesel is more environmental- friendly. on the other hand, our company can undertake 5-2000TPD biodiesel machine project, including

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