What’s the operation of palm oil processing sterilization station?

The operation of palm oil processing sterilization station:

1. By Scraper Conveyor, FFB be transported to the top of sterilizing tank.Falling into sterilizing tank from feed inlet.

2. Sterilizing tank: Adopt vertical type sterilizer, Welded up by Q235B material (Chemical composition:C 0.12~0.2%,Si 0.12~0.3%,Mm 0.3~0.7%,P<0.045%,S<0.045%,Cr<0.3%,Ni<0.3%,Cu<0.3%).

3. After FFB be transported into sterilizing tank (202), close the inlet of sterilizing tank,and open the vent valve behind the tank, saturating steam, which pressure is 3bar and temperature is around 130℃. After all cool air been discharged out,close vent valve, proceed to sterilizing section. Sterilizing time is 55~120minutes.

4. The sterilizing time also should be depend on the kind and quality of FFB, if the pressure is too high or the time is too long, palm fruit will be rot, also Resulting in the loss of oil, high temperature can change palm color.

5. Finish sterilizing process, close the steam valve, open the valve lead to Blow-off/down Silencer. Open the sterilizing tank door(FFB outlet) after discharges out all steam and water.

6. Open the sterilizing tank door(outlet), sterilized FFB will fall on the FFB Scraper conveyor.

Be transported to next station.

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