The Instruction Of Edible Oil Physical Refining And Chemical Refining Methods

Two processes have been developed for refining edible oils and fats.The decision as to which process is to be used depends on the type and quality of crude oil to be processed.

Chemical refining is the traditional method,where the free fatty acids of the crude oils are neutralized with caustic soda. The sodium soaps that result are separated by means of separators.The neutral oils are subsequently bleached and deodorized. This method can be used to refine virtually all crude oils, including oils of low quality, with the exception of castor oil.

In the alternative method of physical refining,the free fatty acids are removed by distillation in one stage during deodorizing. A fundamental criterion for using this method is that the crude oils should be degummed as effectively as possible. However, this is only possible to a limited extent with some crude oil qualities.Other oils, for instance cottonseed oil or fish oil, are fundamentally not suitable for physical refining. We are able to supply suitable process lines for both processes.

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