Small Screw Oil Press Machine for Palm Oil Mill

The small palm oil press is suitable for 3 to 15 hectares small farm or processing with supplied materials from outside for individual household, economic and practical, cost recovery soon, very welcome by customers in Africa and South America.

Palm oil is divided into red oil and white oil. Red oil is pressed by the palm fruit pulp, mainly for edible oil.White oil is pressed by the palm kernel, mainly for industrial oil.Red oil is made by the fresh palm fruit string, each string is 10Kg to 20Kg. The fruit string should do the high temperature cooking. Threshing the fruit for the string, heating and pressed by our palm oil press machine can get red oil with water.

Technical data:
Model: palm fruit oil press
Handling capacity: 300-500kg/h
Main power: Diesel engine:8-12HP Electrical motor:3kw
Main rotation speed: 25-35r/min
Boiling time: 2h(100 centigrade steam or water)

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