Palm Oil Processing Machine Demand Has Gradually Increased In Africa

Palm oil processing machine demand has gradually increased in Africa,why say it, because palm oil demand is difficult to meet the local needs In Africa, the African regional commercial cultivation of palm trees has accelerated the pace.

Africa palm industry analysis:

Africa palm oil industry will be strong growth forecast in 2030 palm oil production In Africa will grow 2.8 million tons, more than double the current level.

At present, the annual production of 322,000 tons of palm oil in Cameroon, Africa’s third largest, the world’s tenth largest producer of palm oil. In addition, the annual palm oil production in two African countries, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire were 940,000 tons and 417,000 tons.

African countries support the termination of palm trees people out of poverty, but also for promoting the development In Africa palm industry is another major reason.

World Bank experts TourĂ© said, “Indonesia and Malaysia will not be able to meet the world’s growing demand for palm oil, palm industry future in Africa, but the African Development palm industry will face many obstacles, especially palm cultivation land in this area .


According to the above analysis of the situation of Africa palm trees, we can see an increased demand for palm oil is currently the world’s palm tree cultivation increased, so the palm oil mill pressing machine, palm oil refining equipment, palm oil fractionation equipment demand is also increasing. Henan Huatai has advanced palm oil production technology shoulder the important mission.Meanwhile Huatai could provide palm oil machine installation and commissioning at the scene.

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