How To Choose a Suitable Adsorbent In Oil Refining Plant Decolorizing Section?

Decolorizing section is the use of pigments with strong selective adsorption (eg, bleaching earth,activated carbon,activated clay,etc.),under certain conditions, oil bleaching pigments and other substances in order to achieve the purpose of bleaching.

Many adsorbents are capable of adsorbing oil pigment,but only a few can be used in industrial production.Shall meet the following conditions apply to the adsorbent oil industry.
1.Oil pigment has a strong adsorption capacity, which can be achieved with a small amount of adsorbent adsorption process of bleaching effect.
2.Oil pigment significant selective adsorption effect,i.e.,a large number of adsorbed dye and oil absorption can be reduced.
3.chemically stable,no chemical reaction occurs with the oil,the smell was not so fat.
4.easy to use,simple method can be separated from the oil.
5.wide sources,inexpensive and economical.

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