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palm oil threshing station

What’s the operation of palm oil processing threshing station?

Separate the fruit from the bunch through strong vibrating. 1.The sterilized FFB will be transport to thresher platform by scraper conveyor. 2.We adopt advanced Drum type thresher, insider diameter is φ1800mm, length is 5000mm. The material of main shaft is #45 steel (main chemical composition is C0.42~0.50%, Si0.17~0.37%, Mm0.50~0.30%, P≤0.035%, S≤0.035%, Cr≤0.25%, Ni≤0.25%, Cu≤0.025%). 3.Sterilized

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What’s the operation of palm oil processing sterilization station?

The operation of palm oil processing sterilization station: 1. By Scraper Conveyor, FFB be transported to the top of sterilizing tank.Falling into sterilizing tank from feed inlet. 2. Sterilizing tank: Adopt vertical type sterilizer, Welded up by Q235B material (Chemical composition:C 0.12~0.2%,Si 0.12~0.3%,Mm 0.3~0.7%,P<0.045%,S<0.045%,Cr<0.3%,Ni<0.3%,Cu<0.3%). 3. After FFB be transported into sterilizing tank (202), close the inlet

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palm nuts polishing equipment

How to get crude palm kernel oil?

Crude palm kernel oil process line includes polishing, crushing and pressing. Polishing: Separating nuts and fiber by wind drying system. Pressed cake broken by breaking screw conveyor and then transported into the fiber separation air net and fiber polishing roller for fiber separating. The separated fiber material is sent to the boiler room as fuel;

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Some Standard Data And Quality Index About Crude Palm Oil

Palm oil processing machine line includes sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, clarification, purification and drying. Then you can get crude palm oil. Crude palm oil standard: FFA less than 5% Moisture less than 0.1% Dirt less than 0.02% Kernel standard: Broken kernel less than 15% Moisture less than 7% Dirt less than 6% Production quality index: 1. transparency

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Small Screw Oil Press Machine for Palm Oil Mill

The small palm oil press is suitable for 3 to 15 hectares small farm or processing with supplied materials from outside for individual household, economic and practical, cost recovery soon, very welcome by customers in Africa and South America. Palm oil is divided into red oil and white oil. Red oil is pressed by the

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The Interval Refining Process Equipment

The interval refining process is a kind of interval process. It is suitable for small oil plant or the enterprises which replaces oil frequently. Refining process mainly includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing and other sections. We adopt physical refining or chemical refining technology flexibly according to different oil quality so as to make refined

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General Introduction Of Palm Oil Refining Processing Line

Palm oil refining technology refers to conversion of crude palm oil to refined oil involves removal of products of hydrolysis and oxidation, color and flavor. General introduction of palm oil refining processing line: 1. Physical deacidification assures low consumption. Palm oil refinery adopts physical deacidificaiton process with high vacuum processing of fatty acids. It enables

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What’s The Craft Features Of Palm Oil Processing Machine?

Craft Features Of Palm Oil Processing Machine: 1. Create a good production environment; 2. Minimize the total oil loss, increase oil yield and output, also improve the quality of oil and cake meal; 3. Comprehensively utilize impurities and offal; 4. Perfectly ,match extraction production line, designing different production processes according to different oilseed.

Aroma Peanut Oil Processing Technology

Having been cleaned and destined, the peanut is cracked, cooked and pressed to separate oil in-physical method. Cook the peanut during the oil pressing. It is natural oil-filtration technology that reserves the natural nutrient and keeps the original peanut flavor. There is no solvent and soap left in the finished oil. The technology is also

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How To Start a Palm Oil Processing Plant?

Due to the wide application of palm oil, palm tree production and palm oil exports production are increasing. Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian palm tree production is gradually increasing. Therefore, it is economically efficient to invest in palm oil processing plant. 1. Find a good location Palm oil processing plant location best near water,

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