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Palm Tree Production

Palm Tree Introduction: Palm trees are grown in tropical regions perennial oil crops,has the advantages of big yields low cost.Palm oil is already one of the world largest edibel oil production,is widely used in large food processing,cooking and eating areas of bio-diesel production.Oil palm tree main producing area distributes tropic area between the south latitude

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Crude Palm Oil Production Process

Type: palm fruit/bench oil pressing Processing Material: Palm fruit Processing Capacity: 5-120TPH Crude Palm Oil Mill Process Introduction: 1.Weighing.Palm fruit into the factory after truck weighing,ease of production costing and after the settlement. 2.Loading ramp.FFB after a ramp sieved to remove impurities into the transport machinery delivery to sterilization tank. 3.Sterilization.The use of high temperatures

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Palm Oil Fractionation Filtration

Palm Oil Filtration

Palm Oil Filtration selection is extremely important for improving yield of liquid palm oil during palm oil fractionation process. Currently industrial filtration system contains drum filter, Florentine-type continuous belt vacuum filter, and thin film filter. In recent decades, thin film filter has been widely used in palm oil fractionation since it can fractionate high yield

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Palm Oil Fractionation Cooling and Crystallization

Cooling and Crystallization

Cooling and crystallization instructions: Cooling and crystallization are key palm oil fractionation process. Once crystallization successes, palm oil separation becomes easily. Therefore, different type of crystallization should have own cooling exchange surface, cooling system and mixture structure.Palm oil Cooling and crystallization condition determines the start of palm oil crystallization nuclei, the number of crystals and

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Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Machine

Type: palm kernel oil pressing Processing material: palm kernel Capacity: 200-3000T/D Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Equipment: crusher, dryer, oil expeller Application: High efficiency crude oil pressing from palm kernel with low oil residual Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Plant Flow Chart: Main process in palm kernel press line: ◆Palm kernel Cleaning : It is used for

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palm oil fractionation machine

Palm Oil Fractionation

Type: fractionation of palm oil on basis of melting points Processing Material: palm oil Capacity: 10-500T/D Major equipment: crystal jar, water-cooled screw chillers, membrane filter press Application: new type oil fractionation technology applicable for palm oil, cottonseed oil Palm oil fractionation Introduction: Palm oil fractionation goes through the control of palm oil cooling and crystallization

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Palm Oil Refining Deodorization Section

Deodorization Section

Palm Oil Refining Deodorization Section Introduction: The qualified decolorized palm oil enters into the spiral plate heat exchanger to recover most of the heat, and next goes to high pressure steam heat exchanger to be heated to the process temperature of 240-260 degrees Celsius, and then enters the deodorizer tower. The upper layer of combined

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Decolorizing of palm oil refining equipments

Decolorizing Section

Palm Oil Refining Decolorizing Section Process Introduction: Decolorizing section is a major part of palm oil mill process. Decolorizing section is mainly used to remove oil pigment, residual soap particles and metal ions. Under negative pressure, the mechanical mixing method combined with steam mixing will improve the decolorizing effect. The degumming oil firstly enters into

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Degumming and Deacidification of Palm Oil Refining

Degumming and Deacidification

Palm Oil Refining Degumming and Deacidification Section Introduction: Washing: there is still about 500ppm soap in the neutralized oil from the separator. To remove the remaining soap, add into the oil about 5~8% hot water, with water temperature 3~5 ℃ higher than the oil generally. To achieve more stable washing effect, add phosphoric acid or

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Palm Kernel Oil Refining Machines

Palm Kernel Oil Refining

Type: palm kernel oil refining Processing material: palm kernel Capacity: 30-1500T/D Major Equipment: degumming tank, heat exchanger, decolorization tower, deodorization tower Application: High efficiency oil refining method applicable for crude palm kernel oil, coconut oil   Palm Kernel Oil Refining Process Flow Chart: Main process of the Palm kernel oil refinery plant: ◆ Crude Palm

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